👋 About me

I’m Finian Carey, a seasoned product manager and business designer dedicated to transforming your ideas into market-ready products. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit etched into my DNA, I’ve navigated the founder's journey, from the spark of ideation through the challenging terrain of problem space analysis, discovery phases, and the crafting of minimum viable products (MVPs), all the way to achieving that coveted product-market fit.

Explore my sustainable ventures slooom.com and hydesk.co which I co-founded. 

Services offered 

Product coaching and product leadership

Business design & venture building

OKR implementation & workshop moderation 

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🍌 Additional info 

💡 Got a brilliant idea but your product's sipping tea, unwilling to budge? Let's give it a nudge!

Reach out through e-mail or Linkedin and let's turn that polite 'perhaps' into a 'smashing absolutely'!